Here are what people have to say:

“James Fell is brilliant. In addition to being a phenomenal presenter, he is articulate, educated, and well spoken. He tells the truth, and audiences are captivated with his authenticity. I enjoy working with James because I can trust him with my audiences, and he consistently gets standing ovations for saying what needs to be said in a loving way.”

 — Erin Skye Kelly and Associates ( bestselling author and keynote speaker )

“I have worked with James on several projects and presentations over the years, and he never fails to entertain a crowd! He is passionate about his topics, engaging with his audience, and extremely intelligent with his perspective. It is always a pleasure to work with someone with such energy and yet still maintain true professionalism. He is a fantastic speaker and offers real life scenarios that really hit home with his audience. Thank you, James, for all your enthusiasm!”

 — Lindy Kennedy, instructor ( Southern Alberta Institute of Technology )

“James is a dynamic and knowledgeable speaker who makes information easily accessible to the audience via an entertaining delivery.”

 — Dr. Sue Pedersen ( Canadian Obesity Network )

“James is an engaging and energetic storyteller who can be angry, funny, and compassionate — sometimes all in the same sentence. You can agree or disagree with his opinions, but you can never say you weren’t entertained by the way he expresses them.”

 — Lou Schuler ( bestselling author and MC of The Fitness Summit )

“Today I invited students to provide mid-semester, written feedback about the work experience preparation course you spoke to last week. I thought you’d be interested to know that yours was the presentation most commented upon, with students saying it was excellent and the best they’ve had so far.”

 — Professor Mike Vernon ( Mount Royal University )

“I’ve hired James on two occasions to present to our clients. He is articulate, engaging, and highly knowledgeable. Our clients are corporate, affluent, type A personalities. The only speaker I’ve had them repeatedly ask about is James Fell. He makes motivation to be fit and healthy simple. His no bullshit approach makes him outstanding in a field that is cluttered by junk science.”

 — Sandra Bueckert ( One-on- One Fitness )

“I had the pleasure of seeing James speak at an event in Banff, and I was immediately impressed by his casual yet informative demeanor. He delivers the goods without being boring or repetitive, and holds your attention with just the right amount of humor. You take away more from the experience because it is legitimately enjoyable.”

 — Meg Brown ( Expert fitness motivator )

“James’s enthusiasm is contagious. He is very relatable and has walked a few miles in the shoes of those who are struggling to change their lives. He is engaging and leaves his audience with some simple ideas that will lead to big results.”

 — Angela Kokott ( QR77 Talk Radio and Global News )

“I had the pleasure of hearing James Fell speak at one of my weekend fitness retreats. The feedback I received from all the participants was one of hope, clarity and excitement.  His message was to inspire people to transform their health and fitness.  He dispelled all the myths and junk science in the industry.  It was very clear from his point of view of what works and what does not. People were able to identify their own obstacles that prevented them to fully realizing their own body and health potential. With this newfound inspiration people could not wait to get started and see what they could accomplish.  James is a master motivator.”

 — Paul Plakas ( TV host and trainer )

“James was a guest on Breakfast Television Calgary several times when I was hosting, and he was one of my favorites. He’s a straight talker who tells it like it is, but with a fantastic sense of humor. Most notably, his positive energy is absolutely contagious!”

 — Tara Sloan ( TV host )