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Other Articles


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I’m an MRA-bashing feminist, but because I’m male, trolls leave me alone – March, 2015

When to stop in the middle of consensual sex – January, 2015

Why it’s time for male allies to fight men’s rights activism – December, 2014


Other Publications

YourTango, January 2016 – 10 ways to get a man to love you forever

NPR, January, 2015 – Gluten free is boon and bane for those with celiac

Inside Fitness Magazine, June/July, 2009 – Gym Etiquette 101

Canadian Running Magazine, July/August, 2009 – Getting Light on Your Feet


I had over 100 articles published by AOL as the “Fit Family Guy,” but then the whole Huffington Post thing happened and all those articles went *poof!* Whatever. I don’t write for them anymore.