IMPACT Magazine

IMPACT Magazine is Canada’s largest sport / fitness magazine and the first place I was ever published. I continue to write for them on a regular basis. 

March-April, 2015 issue: Marathoner’s checklist

September – October, 2014 issue: Priceless strides

September – October, 2013 issue: How celebrities get fit

September – October, 2013 issue: Living in the STRATUSphere

July-August, 2012 issue, also available as a PDF: “Cold warriors.

May-June, 2012 issue, also available online: “Off course.”

Jan-Feb, 2012 issue: “The hills have eyes.”

Sept-Oct, 2011 issue, also available online: “Shape Shifting: 20 Years of Gyms, Gadgets and Gurus

Jan-Feb, 2011 issue, also available online: “The Ex Factor

Sept-Oct, 2010 issue, also available online: “The Quest for Six-pack Abs: A Personal Tale of Woe

July-Aug, 2010 issue: “Hands-on Rehabilitation

See page 30 of the May-June, 2010 issue for my article “The Need for Speed”

See page 146 of the March-April, 2010 issue for my article “The Ultimate Fitness Motivator”

Nov-Dec, 2009 issue: “You Don’t Belong Inside

Sept-Oct, 2009 issue: “Tuning Up Your Fall Diet” (co-authored with Lindy Kennedy, RD)

June, 2009 “The Underwear Affair

March-April, 2009 issue: also available online: “Running, Fat Burning, and Myth Busting

March, 2009: “The God of the iPod

January, 2009: “Learning to Love Your Workout

January, 2009: “How NOT to Run in Cold Weather