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Free Recipe eBook

Well, it’s mostly a book full of recipes. There is slow cooker stuff, information about rescue foods and smoothies, and a wide variety of meals and desserts available from a variety of contributors. Some are quick and easy, others take more work. Some a low in calorie, some have a bit more. It’s food. Eat it.

Understanding Metabolism and Busting the Myths

This one takes more explanation, because much of what is in popular media about metabolism is a crock.

You’ve probably read and heard a bunch of “tips” and “tricks” for boosting metabolism and turning yourself into a FAT INCINERATING BLAST FURNACE!!!!!

Um, yeah. The human body doesn’t work that way. Sorry.

This report is a detailed analysis of:

  • Metabolism fundamentals
  • How weight loss really works
  • How to calculate the total number of calories you burn in a day
  • Busting a dozen of the most popular metabolism myths


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Is interval training the holy grail of fat loss? Must you eat six small meals a day? Does breakfast kick-start your metabolism? Will added muscle burn a lot of fat while at rest? Find out the answer in this exhaustively researched report.

I’m a syndicated fitness columnist for the Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Chatelaine and AskMen. Millions read my fitness articles each month. Prepare yourself for some brutal honesty.


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