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On This Day in History

Sh!t happens. Every day

Mae West was sent to jail for “corrupting the morals of youth” with her first Broadway play. When participation in the Hitler Youth became mandatory in Germany, groups of teen “pirates” rebelled. Muhammad Ali refused to “drop bombs and bullets on brown people” in Vietnam. A dog sled relay carried life-saving medicine 674 miles through -50 temperatures to rescue children dying from diphtheria. The Dionne Quintuplets were stolen by the Canadian government and displayed like zoo animals for profit. Indian princess Noor Inayat Khan was one of the most successful spies against the Nazis in World War II. A children’s television show called Caillou tortured parents for more than a decade . . .

Sh!t goes down every single day of the year, year after year. Sometimes it’s a battle that changes the course of history, other times it’s a life-saving medical advancement. Bravery is counter-balanced with cowardice. There is slavery and there is self-sacrifice. History is replete with deeds both noble and despicable. Some were motivated by greed, others generosity. Many dedicated themselves to the art of killing, while others focused their efforts on curing. There have been grave mistakes and moments of greatness. Confrontation and cooperation. 

Early in the twentieth century Spanish philosopher George Santayana wrote, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” But history serves not just as a warning; it also offers encouragement. Humanity is not endless suck. There is inspiration to be found amidst the atrocities. 

On This Day in History Sh!t Went Down will significantly expand your knowledge of world history in the most hilarious and profane way possible.

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The Holy Sh!t Moment

How Lasting Change Can Happen in an Instant

Have you struggled to change something about your life, but been unsuccessful? Have you been told that the slow and steady tortoise is the one who wins the race, only to find that such forced marches of trying to develop motivation take you nowhere at all?

Are you ready for your life to change in a moment? The Holy Sh!t Moment combines the latest research into human psychology and interviews with world-renowned experts and couples them with powerful anecdotes and superior storytelling to guide readers through an adventure of finding inspiration, passion, and purpose for living.

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Lose it Right

A Brutally Honest 3-Stage Program to Help You Get Fit and Lose Weight Without Losing Your Mind

In Lose It Right, consultant and author James Fell offers the cold, hard truth about what you really need to do to lose weight and get fit. In his trademark irreverent style, Fell offers a science-based approach to improving health that will motivate and inspire readers. He explains the critical role of exercise in adopting healthy eating behaviors, and provides a road map for integrating exercise and making dietary changes.

Through the Virtuous Cycle, a leveled eating and exercise program, Fell shows you how to gradually transform your health, the way your body performs, and the way you look.

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